Jun. 29th, 2011 07:57 pm
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I took some pictures of our flat the other night, so here's those + a couple of random-ish ones from around town.

The first are just close up of an ad for this photography studio on the second floor of the building I work in.

For no particular reason, the collection of bracelets amassed since moving here. Now that summer's come back, it's gotten a bit big again.

These are the latest two.

Some Chinese things.

The national drinks (?): red tea and then a bottle of green tea (pictured on top of our fridge, bag of 'detergent that for no obvious reason has a cat on it' in the background).

Stuffed animals, variously sent from home and stolen from school when they buy them in for holidays.

Where the winter clothes have been stashed + One picture showing my air-conditioner (it's in the most awkward position conceivable).

Hangs above the fridge. It's been there longer than I have, so I don't rightly know where it came from.

The glorious (?) kitchen.

Lastly, a kitten I met last night on a walk. It was with some of the police on late night duty (there's a police station near the flat) and they were confused/amused to see the foreigner stopping to take a picture.

Also, while I'm at it, some pictures taken... last month, I think, to celebrate Baotou's trees being full of life again. Includes a picture of a small English school nearby with a very good name.


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