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Got back from the HK visa run last night, so here're some pickchahs before I forget. (Also because D's mention of starting his wordpress reminded me that I've been less than prompt about posting anything whatsoever here... *ahem*)
This was outside a temple in Wanchai. I... um, am obviously not much a person for taking pictures because it kind of only just occurred to me that most people would have taken pictures of more things than just the very tall tree... Oh well.
A temple that I did remember to take pictures of.
I got a haircut \o/ The hairdresser here had enough English to have a bit of a conversation and he was a pretty funny guy - he kept telling me how funny Mandarin sounds and how Mainlanders are different to normal people.
Random view of Central.
There was some sort of protest going on at... I think it was Hang Seng Bank HQ. At first, I thought it might have been the Occupy people, because it looked like they'd been camped out there for some time, but I think it was for something more specific.
With some more wanderings, I found an Anglican Church. It looked like they have a nice community going because as well as a bookshop attached to the church, the women's group had set up a second-hand shop around the back as well. A little after finding the Anglican church, I saw this blue church across the road. I didn't go investigate but I think I saw it later on that night and it was all lit up with fairy lights ^^
The churches were en route to the Botanical and Zoological Gardens. I also failed at taking pictures of this, but here's a few of the main garden and the path connecting the zoological gardens with the botanical gardens... Saying it that way makes it sound like they grow animals out of the ground :x; Anyway.

When I was walking around later, I looked down and realised I'd found a school playground. The view down on that and then one where you can see the school building. The school's on a lower level, so that road is going right by their windows.
... instead of taking pictures of Soho I snapped one of this poster... :x;
The cross-harbour tunnel.
A temple in Kowloon.
Walking down to the Star Ferry pier for the last time. I took the ferry to Central so I could wander around some more.
Central is the place where the longest escalator in the world is that takes workers down to the lower levels in the morning, and back up in the evenings. This area didn't have an escalator, heh.
In which Fionn questions why ze decided to go to the uphill place on her last day when she'd been walking everywhere for 3 days and her feet already hurt like hell.

Medical museum. Scary exhibit about small pox. Stuff about SARS as well, of course. It kept mentioning this type of cats and I couldn't quite figure out why this type of cat was so particularly harmful. Then as an aside on one slide it mentioned how delicious the cat is...

A few pictures of the road on the way to get the subway that'd take me to the train that'd take me to the border crossing that'd take me to another subway that'd take me to the airport that'd take me to Yantai.
Waiting to catch the train to the border crossing. When I came in, it was night time, so I couldn't see anything. When I left there was enough light to see the rest of the island and the jungle and mountains going by.
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