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Includes pics of a haircut, of my friend's hallway, of Yantai and of some canine residents.
First, my new lady friend. I'm not sure what her family do, but she lives in that closet. I thought that was quite classy as it goes.
Two pictures of the haircut. Styling, yo.
Visiting M and Z. Their flat is in the same area as mine, but that block is just being occupied now so there's still all these wires hanging out everywhere. Thankfully, I didn't meet her, but I found out later that there's an old woman there who threatened to ring the police if she foreigners in the building again. Apparently she threatened one of the other teachers when he was helping M and Z move in. Awesome for the old lady, living right next door to a school that employs foreign teachers, haha~
There's a street running perpendicular to the main drag that's been completely dug up. It's sort of fascinating. Like, they put sand down because presumably they're re-tarmacking it? But the sand has just been there for weeks. So, because there was rain, they put hay down on top of the sand, so now it's just a bothar covered in hay that happens to be perpendicular to the busiest road in town.
Nearby, walking into town. The second one is the entrance way to a KTV. I couldn't get a good picture :( I like that one because at any time of the day it's got these multi-coloured flashing lights in the walkway that lead you to this Bad Ass statue of a Taoist deity.
Took a detour. Saw some bikes. Saw some public exercise equipment.
Neighbourhood hardcore gangster came out to see if I was cool.
That is a face that knows All There Is To Know about the hardcore.
Bikes + Ferrets sleeping in a huge pile of cute ♥
This was kind of interesting. I went for a walk up the back of the theatre thinking I remembered there being a good bakery back there. I found an entire block that's been given over for demolition. Banks, school, houses, businesses large and small - all empty and old people sifting around in the remains to find anything worth keeping.
More of the emptied block.
A glimpse of the handsome dude guarding the bank + A look up the hill just because.
And these are awful pictures of the photogenic (I swear) family I met tonight. I'd seen the two older ones before, but the sprog is new to me. Cutest little lump of fluff ever - it was really twitchy and bouncy and trying to eat my fingers, even though it's old ones were being all stately and cool ♥

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