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As summer has come upon us, my camera's been getting out and about quite a bit.
Down near the beach and the concession area. A lot of the buildings in the concession area are fakes, but they've done a good job of keeping an atmosphere there.
I took a walk up towards the mountains one warm, but rather wet and windy day. I thought I had more pictures than this :(
Same day, but taken on the walk back.
Blossoms. These are all from around my area.
Taking a back route one of the days. There's that rather nice residential area leading up to a group of dilapidated one-storey houses at the top of the hill.
Evening, outside the theatre.
Evening, outside the tourism building.
Two pictures of a wedding car, just because :)
Some pictures from walking off east to the rich area.
By the statue there's some benches under this sort of coil-like structure covered in ivy. I didn't get a good picture because it was a nice day so there were a dozen old women hanging out there and none of them looked like they'd appreciate me taking pictures.
A bunch of pictures of the beach and the tourism area right beside it.
After I met the yawning fellow, I went up the hill and had a walk through the big hutong (old area).
And on my way back home. This was sort of funny because this dude's owner was having a massive argument with a shop keeper and there were a couple of other guys involved - all squeezed into a very small shop and shouting at each other. And this dude was taking the opportunity to have a kip. Awesome.
The joys of insomnia. These are all taken over the course of a few days, all between 4 and 6 am (a surprisingly busy time of day). You might notice in a couple of pictures there's this sort of big rock at an entrance way. I'm not sure how clearly you can see it, but there's two dogs on top of the big rock. Now, I've passed this rock several times about the same time of the morning and the two dogs are always there. Who is also there, is a man in his 70s doing his exercise. As you might imagine, the old people who take their exercise at this time absolutely put me to shame ;_; The stretching and the legs above the head and the shouting to the sea and the tai chi sticks and... Shameful, srsly.
There are a number of public dance classes outside the cultural centre in the evening. Some are relatively small, others (like this one) are very big. They were at the conga part of the class when I walked by?
Walked a couple of hours west and up towards the mountains to see what I could see. It was pretty nice - one of the other teachers is housed in a snobby area that's there but further towards the coast, so I hadn't expected much, but when I got away from the shops it turned into quite a vibrant district.
There were more women dressed like this in Baotou and I consider their presence to be one thing that would make Yantai a far superior provincial city.
And this is just because I thought this was one of the funnier billboards for a new housing development. Orange County, really.
One for awesome mops of China.
And these are just a few more from my favourite area nearby.
From today: Soho bar, the shopping area across from the train station, the slightly more upmarket shopping area near the small bus station.
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