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These are from last Autumn... /)_(\ Thought it was about time to clear them out of the camera.
There's a visit to this park/lake area + I think another view of sunny Baotou at the end.

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Jun. 29th, 2011 07:57 pm
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I took some pictures of our flat the other night, so here's those + a couple of random-ish ones from around town.

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Also, while I'm at it, some pictures taken... last month, I think, to celebrate Baotou's trees being full of life again. Includes a picture of a small English school nearby with a very good name.
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Hi hao~!

Mar. 15th, 2011 09:28 pm
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Baotou pictures. I'll endeavour to be less lazy with this one since it's BT.

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And these three are form Christmas Day. We had a White Christmas, heh
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And it's reaching back in time.
These are some pictures I ought to have posted a long time ago. I'm not entirely sure why I kept forgetting. The school is on the 7th floor of a business building and, when I arrived, back in August and September, I was staying on the 11th floor of a a hotel right beside the school. This all means that I got quite a few pictures of the Baotou skyline. Not that there's anything that great about Baotou and it's buildings, but the mountains sure do make for an impressive backdrop.
Well, this is obviously not what the BT skyline looks like :p I went to the museum with two of the other teachers here a good while back and got a photo of a dog who was hanging around outside, playing with paper that was blowing in the wind. I don't know what the breeds involved are, but a lot of the mutts around here are utterly adorable. Most Chinese people don't really know about caring for pet dogs yet, so there's a lot of strays, but it honestly seems like even they tend to have an ok temperament *says the girl who misses her dog~*
Hanyway, on to the buildings.

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Dec. 10th, 2010 01:49 am
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More pictures. Laptop doesn't like to read phone cable or this wouldn't have taken quite so long.
These first two are from that wetlands park. I missed them last time. The rest *points down* are all from the first HK trip.

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Nov. 16th, 2010 01:48 am
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Some pictures from Baotou.
This is Gangtie Dajie at night. That's pretty much the main road in KunQu district (where I live) and is where the hotel is that I was staying in when I first arrived.
Victory Mall is a pretty new place on Gangtie Dajie. I post because, although you probably can't tell in the blurry picture, that shiny white thing out front is a statue of Mao. The Lad Himself doesn't actually glow, it's just all the neon reflecting off of him that's doing that~
This is a Fionn. In the picture she can be seen wandering home early from a staff dinner because the Korean restuarant was overly noisy and had poured fish sauce over all the salads so she couldn't eat anything.
Last Tuesday I went to Hohhot for yet more visa business. A dust storm (my first~) started up Tuesday night and continued all the time I was at school on Wednesday... Guess who'd forgotten to close her bedroom window before going to Hohhot... xD Heh, oh well. There was MUCH dust. I finally cleaned it and gave the floor a good mop today, so everything is nice again ♫
This is my Wei Ren Min Fu Wu bag.
These are a couple of flyers I got from the theatre in Hong Kong. Not sure if you can see it properly in the pic, but the higher up one is for The Merchant Of Venice.


Nov. 3rd, 2010 02:59 pm
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Went to a wetlands park in DongHe (district of BaoTou) one of the days during the week long holiday with K. Not much to say about it really. Got in a nice boat. Stopped off at a couple of small islands with miserable animal parks and Buddhas. Happy peacocks and peahens though. Random warriors of the terracotta army. I doubt they were the real deal but I do feel I don't particularly need to go to XiAn anymore.

Some of the fish were alive. Most were more fortunate. Nice views though.

This was also were we found the Mao museum. It was a labout of love for this one dude and his friend who'd been collecting memorabilia for 17 years. This is where I bought my 'wei ren min fu' (Serve The People) bag... which I can't find a picture of on google. It's both functional and patriotic.

Many pictures. They're all thumbnails, so you can click them to make them bigger.
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