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And ok, some more miscellaneous Yantai.
This is the dog that lived in my block of flats. Or, well, her owner lived there too, but her owner was an old lady who was always off about her own business, so the dog would just be hanging out at the top of the steps then, when she got bored, would ride the lift until it brought her back to her floor. This, as far as I can tell, is how she managed it. Because she'd just demand to be let in and she was an old dog so you couldn't really say 'no').
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And it's reaching back in time.
These are some pictures I ought to have posted a long time ago. I'm not entirely sure why I kept forgetting. The school is on the 7th floor of a business building and, when I arrived, back in August and September, I was staying on the 11th floor of a a hotel right beside the school. This all means that I got quite a few pictures of the Baotou skyline. Not that there's anything that great about Baotou and it's buildings, but the mountains sure do make for an impressive backdrop.
Well, this is obviously not what the BT skyline looks like :p I went to the museum with two of the other teachers here a good while back and got a photo of a dog who was hanging around outside, playing with paper that was blowing in the wind. I don't know what the breeds involved are, but a lot of the mutts around here are utterly adorable. Most Chinese people don't really know about caring for pet dogs yet, so there's a lot of strays, but it honestly seems like even they tend to have an ok temperament *says the girl who misses her dog~*
Hanyway, on to the buildings.

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