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Got back from the HK visa run last night, so here're some pickchahs before I forget. (Also because D's mention of starting his wordpress reminded me that I've been less than prompt about posting anything whatsoever here... *ahem*)
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And Happy Other New Year~!
oh god, I know - I'm terribly at updating this. To illustrate that point, I shall now post a bunch of pictures from Hong Kong.
The first day I went looking for the tram to go up Victoria Peak (Google it! It's class) I took a wrong turning coming off the ferry and ended up in some great windy streets on Central. I was perfectly happy with this state of affairs, to be honest. It was a nicer side of HK and the way the houses clung to the hills, roads snaking upwards reminded me of Ushuaia... Idk if I've said this, but HK reminded me of Ushuaia a lot except busier, hotter and with Cantonese people in it... uh, yeah. Anyhow, pictures :D;;

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That day, when I went looking for the tram, my wandering led me to the Sun Yat Sen museum. I never realised I was from the South - although, thinking about it now, 'yat' isn't a Mandarin syllable... But whatevs, didn't know that then. It was really cool because they have great respect for him on the Mainland too.
The next morning, I went back bright and very early indeed to go to the tram at last. Here's a few pictures of the view plus a couple more just of the buildings.
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Dec. 10th, 2010 01:49 am
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More pictures. Laptop doesn't like to read phone cable or this wouldn't have taken quite so long.
These first two are from that wetlands park. I missed them last time. The rest *points down* are all from the first HK trip.

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